Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY painted cork boards

Since we moved into a new house I have been nesting like crazy! We have been in our new house now for two months. We love having a new space to decorate!

Sam and I have been in a bit of a decorating rut lately, but our trip to  Tennessee has given us a burst of creative inspiration! We wandered through some great vintage markets and found some great new pieces for our home. I'll be posting about them soon!

One huge bonus of moving has been that I now have my own crafting space! Oh how I love it! I'm working on getting it organized and functional. For now its a bit of a mess, but I love seeing the change it is taking.

Here is a quick DIY I created to put in my craft space. I love pinning up inspirational photos and ideas on it to inspire me while I work.

DIY Painted Corkboards

- mini corkboards( ( I found my round boards at IKEA in the kitchen department. They are labeled as trivets. I have also seen small corkboards at various craft stores)
- acrylic paint
paint brush
- painters tape
- wine cork
- exacto knife

I used Martha Stewarts multi-surface satin acrylic paint in Porcelain Doll. It is a beautiful creamy off-white. Young can use any type of acrylic paint you choose.

First start with choosing what design you want on your corkboards. I wanted something fun and mismatched, so I decided to do a different print on each. Here's how I did each one:

Striped board-

Cover your corkboard with strips of painters tape. Make sure to rub down the tape so your paint doesn't seep through! Once you have the tape set, paint over the open spaces with the paint. For a nice, even color, use 2-3 coats of paint.

Polka Dot Corkboard

I think this was my favorite corkboard I made. Something about polka dots makes me so happy.
To make this board I used a wine cork as a stamp. Simply dip the wine cork into a small puddle of paint and stamp onto the cork board. I suggest testing it out s few times on another surface to make sure you don't use too much/ too little paint.

Triangle Corkboard

This was another fun board to make. I used the same wine cork I used form then polka dot board. Simply draw out your desired shape onto the end of the cork, and cut out with an exacto knife.
After you have cut out your shape, dip the cut end into your paint and stamp onto the corkboard.

I used 3m strips velcro to hang these above my work space. The 3m Velcro holds strong, yet is easy to remove when needed, which is great for this renter who hates filling in holes when moving.

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