Sunday, April 7, 2013

DIY: Chevron Drop Necklace

I'm in a jewelry mood lately. Specifically necklaces. There is just something about how a good necklace can pull together an outfit. There is also something that I just love about being able to say I made my jewelry.

Thankfully, necklaces aren't too hard to make. And this one is fun. I mean come on people its CHEVRON. I'm just a wee bit obsessed with chevron prints right now. Its so fun!

Materials needed:
- gold chain
- gold jump rings
- plastic canvas
- pliers
I found all of my supplies at my local craft store. Do you remember seeing your grandma cross stitch? Remember the plastic piece she was cross stitching on? That's plastic canvas! For this necklace I used a piece with a smaller sized hole. I know, not a common jewelry making item, but it should be! It's a great way to make various shapes without making your necklace too heavy. And it was 99¢ for a sheet. Boom.

Start by cutting a small square out of the plastic canvas. Mine was about 2 1/2 inches by 3 inches. Make sure your length is the size you want your chevrons to be.
Now, its time to cut your chevron shape! Here's how I did mine...

Fold over...

Cut at a diagonal,

And then cut again. Ta Da! Chevron baby.

I used three jump rings between each chevron. Use the pliers to open and close each jump ring. Luckily the plastic canvas is easy to attach, since its covered in holes. After linking your chevrons together, attach them to your chain.

The length of your chain will depend on your desired necklace length. I made mine longer, so I didn't need to put in a clasp. If you want a shorter necklace, you will need to add in a clasp.

Thats it!

xoxo Brooke

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