Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Healing Sweet Carrot Lemonade

Hey there!

Sorry for the long hiatus, but life has been oh so busy lately.

We recently moved into a house, adopted a puppy, and have been working on making our new place feel like home. I have some wonderful ideas to share in the coming weeks! Here are a few snap shots from the past few weeks...

Meet Mason, our Vizsla Australian Shepard mix! He is currently 15 weeks old, and has brought us so much joy.

 Isn't he precious!?!
 I spent 5 days lounging around a cruise ship while on a group with my mom and aunts. It was a beautiful time full of laughter, sunshine, and delicious food! And how can you not just feel happy looking at that scenery?
 Dahlia has been quite the trooper through the move and the addition of our puppy. I even think she secretly likes him, though I know she would never admit it ;-)

Sam and I have been busy nesting, organizing, and cleaning out things. I love the newness and fresh start that moving brings.

With all of the busy-ness that has been our life for the past few weeks, its no wonder that I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. Winter and moving has its way of making you feel weak. Add in the fact that the pollen is out of control crazy right now, and you find me, cuddled up in bed, avoiding the world for the day. But it hasn't been in vain. This weak state has left me craving delicious, fresh juice. This is nothing from a plastic bottle on a grocery store shelf dear readers, but a fresh juice made with raw, living ingredients.

I made this juice not only for its wonderful taste, but healing, antibacterial properties. so ditch the cold meds, and sip on a glass of ice cold healing.

xoxo, Brooke

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