Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY: Rope Basket

DIY projects are one of my favorite things. I love making something, over buying it. Especially when it comes to home decor. I have been on an organizing kick the past two weeks, and have spent a lot of time looking for cute baskets. Unfortunately those cute baskets come with a steep price tag. Luckily, I have found a way to have cute baskets, and still afford rent. Win- win for all!

Supplies needed:
* 1 bin- I got my bin from the dollar store, but you could use anything, even a cardboard box!
* rope
* hot glue
* 1 yard of fabric for the liner (If you use a bigger box, you may need more fabric)

First, begin by wrapping your box with the rope, making sure to glue the rope down every so often. The rope I used was really thick and heavy, so I had to use a lot of glue.
Wrapping gets tedious. And lengthy. It took me a few episodes of Dr. Who on Nexflix to finish wrapping the bin. But keep at it, the end result is adorable!

If you like the inside of your bin, you can stop here! The green really didn't go with our living room, so I decided to make a liner for the basket. Basically you measure the inside dimensions of your basket, and add it to the length you want the hem around the edge to be. I don't have it down to an exact science (future blog post maybe?) but it is pretty easy.

The end result is a cheap, easy project that looks super cute in our living room. We have been using it to hold all of our stray cords and chargers for our growing electronics collection.

Happy crafting!

xo Brooke

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  1. Well, I love the idea. I need storage bins for under a couch in my 5th wheel and this would be perfect. Thank you for such a wonderful idea.